Young Professionals: Are You Planning to Start Your Own Professional Services Business?

Are you technically qualified and want to start your own professional services business but do not know how?

Are you feeling unconfident because apart from the technical skill, you do not know what it all takes to start a successful business?

Are you faced with what preparation you must do so that right from the day you open your business, it runs professionally?

Are you looking for guidance on how to start you business with full and proper preparation?

Are you frustrated that there is nobody you know who can advise you on how to give your business a rock solid start?

Are you facing problems that most first generation entrepreneurs face?

I work with these kinds of professionals specifically.

If you are like most first generation entrepreneurs, you are facing the problem of not knowing what things to do so that you give your business a healthy start. Family members, friends and teachers can’t help you because they simply do not know.

  • Learn how to ensure that your business idea is financially viable.
  • Learn how to plan your business holistically.
  • Learn how to plan a marketing strategy which is easy to implement, does not take all your time and is not very expensive.
  • Learn how to have processes in place that will free you to focus on getting more business and serving your customers rather that managing your business

I acknowledge that you are a fast learner, that you learn from your mistakes and will not repeat the same mistake twice. But wouldn’t life be sweeter if you didn’t make those mistakes in the first place?

I have an experience of over eight years of working with small businesses and small industries and have helped them improve their working to avoid crises and bottlenecks. It has given them results. This experience can help you as well.

Please browse this website for detailed information on how your dream can become a concrete reality. Make sure to get my free eBook ‘Before Upping The Shutters’ that will give you a good overview of how to give your business a proper start that will give you an edge over your competition, among other things.

I Make You These Eight Promises

If you are truly committed and do the work required on your part, I promise you these eight things:

  1. Your ideas will become clear and you will not be confused about any aspect of doing business. Thus, doubts and fears that were holding you back till now will have evaporated.
  2. You will have acquired working knowledge of all aspects of starting and running your business.
  3. You will have a complete business plan and a marketing plan to guide you in start your business and its future course. I spend more time and effort on this and pay personal attention to you to ensure that your planning is right.
  4. You will have acquired knowledge about the “management” aspect of your business. As you will learn, only special technical skills are not enough for a business to succeed. You do need lessons in management.
  5. You will have clear ideas about the strategies you need for running your business and expanding it.
  6. You will have practical tips about a large number of small little things related to running a business which make a difference.
  7. You will become aware of the provisions of some of the laws that can impact your working.
  8. You will receive support from me for the next six months, during which time your business stabilises and goes on the growth path

Where to Next?

Now that you have the overview of what is in it for you, go to only Technical Knowledge Is Not Enough to learn a little about the ways over-reliance on technical expertise negatively impacts your business.